Moonlite Sno-Skimmers is one of Maine's oldest continuously running snowmobile clubs dating back to 1973. We maintain over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Cumberland and North Yarmouth with the help of our members and volunteers providing local snowmobile riders a safe trail system. New members are always welcome. Find us on FaceBook at: 


This meeting was held at Rachel's at Val Halla. Next Meeting is 11-20 at Toddy Brook Cafe at 7:00pm.

11/6 meeting
. 13 members in attendance
. 2 new members from Castle Rd
Adam Dougherty, Shaun Breton.
. Introductions around for all members
. Stuffed membership mailers to send out for renewal - 21 member envelop prepared for mailing.
. Treasury report, $20,250 deposit ticket sales, etc. MSA dues to be sent in.
. Website reg $14.99. 25.27. 20.00 facebook boost, etc.
. Insurance renewal will be coming in.(~$1,400)
. Bill Brazier is holding all the tix and sales to take up to Augusta.
. Members to sell more tix.
. Bruce has Kano field sign ready to plant.
. Oceanview trail has been cut, town & developer has made great progress, 7am - 7pm only, bridges are in!
. Gray Snowwolves volunteer to help put new bridges on trail north of and between Blanchard rd and Rt100. 11/24 Sunday work day and signage work.
. Bruce gave poles to NoYarm club for bridge behind Toddy Brook.
. CHOP trail, we will go right up the road, snow fence will be put up by first house.
. Shaun Breton will take on the coordination of the pole line bridge that would connect is to Gray and Windham. Possible grant money next season.
. Christmas party, 12/14 at Toddy Brook, details tbd...
. Kevin on the hunt for “new” groomer sled, $6-7k. Could also sell oldest blue sled?
. Motion made & approved for 2 - $250 donations, one to Cumberland & one to North Yarmouth food pantrys.
. trail discussion about reopening Laurel Lane & Sophie Lane to power line.
. SteveRichard brought up potential club trail ride 1/10-1/12 stay at his place in Rumford. Google doc to be sent out for conferencing...
. 12/17 MSA Super Raffle, club group going
. Next meeting 3rd Wednesday 11/20 at Toddy Brook.


Please renew your membership either via mail or by attending a meeting. The membership application can be found here.