Moonlite Sno-Skimmers is one of Maine's oldest continuously running snowmobile clubs dating back to 1973. We maintain over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Cumberland and North Yarmouth with the help of our members and volunteers providing local snowmobile riders a safe trail system. New members are always welcome. Find us on FaceBook at: 


11/20 meeting
⁃ 15 members in attendance at Toddy Brook.
⁃ Minutes read and approved.
⁃ $19,274 treasury.
⁃ $1,091.80 V & V Insurance expense.
⁃ Misc mailing, signage costs, Rachel’s apps, $131.
⁃ Donations to be going out very soon $250 ea Cumb & NoYarm by Terry.
⁃ Membership, 7 paid memberships, family & business membership, 4 more just came in tonight, +++
⁃ $100 Sheebo business membership & donation.
⁃ $50 Jim’s business & donation.
⁃ Bill to collect tickets and take to Augusta. 12/4 is last chance to get tix to him. Bill has table reserved.
⁃ Trail signing grooming 9:00am this Sunday 11/24 at clubhouse.
⁃ Bill has a bill to submit.
⁃ Club will split up to put in signs and work on bridge.
⁃ Shaun Breton, reported that we are past the time to work on the bridge/trail between Rt100-Blanchard - too wet at this time. Trail plan not finalized... culvert may be an option? Berm? Still under discussion, may drive poles down in, then bridge over top.
⁃ May need to make application with CMP to get approval for the Piscataqua bridge. Possible MSA grant for trail/bridge. Shaun needs contact points to get grant/application info.
⁃ Ken shared trail reroute thru NoYarm Variety. Royal River club will do signing.
⁃ KevinG to take orders for club gear, embroidered hats, shirts, etc.
⁃ Bruce reported trail work & signs up.
⁃ ShaunB & MikeE to print large maps and laminate to be put on trail signs for riders to view.
⁃ Mark talked about Crystal lane access to powerline. Steve would talk to landowners with Mark/ShawnM to connect for permission. Saturday p.m.
⁃ MikeR brought up the Tuttle Rd , Oceanview trail. Brush dump is being put in on the gated trail. SteveR will talk to Bill Shane about moving/rerouting the trail off the brush dump road.
⁃ New bridge across Rt 9, Bill $161. Bruce supplied telephone poles, BruceC, BillB, & KenT completed.
⁃ BillB, “you are here signs” would be nice!
⁃ ShawnM mentioned Dan Sheehan director availability, trail master is still an “open” position - very important!!!
⁃ MikeE, “thank you for sympathy card”. Membership, ask others to join in, help out, and grow the club!
⁃ Steve, Christmas party should be great - 3 clubs together, Royal River-Falmouth-Cumb/NoYarm. Trail work reminder!
⁃ Very busy in the bar and noise-level can be a challenge.
⁃ $45 + 1 for agent to register sled, hasn’t chged in a few years.
⁃ Meeting adjourned.