Moonlite Sno-Skimmers is one of Maine's oldest continuously running snowmobile clubs dating back to 1973. We maintain over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Cumberland and North Yarmouth with the help of our members and volunteers providing local snowmobile riders a safe trail system. New members are always welcome.

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Location: Rachel’s @ Val Halla

Members in attendance: 14

  • Treasury report, $10,093
  • New check received $1,390 town of Cumberland for sled registrations, Thank you! and $100 donation from New England Mountain Bike Assoc. Thank you!
  • Royal River Conservation Trust, thank you letter
  • Some Memberships rcvd.
  • Hancock lumber bills
    • $1407 paid
    • $478 paid
  • $199 outstanding
  • New groomer sled registration in process.
  • Some tools may be missing from trail work and some found...
  • Membership:
    • 25 family
    • 7 business
  • Discussed honorary memberships or not? Mutual Business relationships?
  • Bridge trail work discussed
    • Karl, Shaun... Drag onto shore wrap chain, pick up and drag up stream back into place
    • Anchor in-place with chains and 600lb blocks-anchors allows it to float up & down
    • Different ideas about posts, float, cable
    • 6x6 posts and cabling?
    • More lumber may be needed for ramps
    • 5’ ramps 3’ high?
    • Bill will get ramp material
    • Tyler will pickup anchor/blocks.... changed direction!
    • Bridge Work Wknd after next 15th
    • Allow to rise & fall but not float away!
    • Drive posts down deep (4’-8’) and tie cabling. 6”x6” posts
    • February 15th is scheduled work day for big bridge reset
  • Bridges should be named for trail reference/identification?
  • Gear orders to KevinG tonight
  • Thank you gift to Karl, club gear!
  • Great efforts by all on reopening the powerline with bridges!
  • “Beaver bridge“ work was significant, all workers ended up in brook!
  • 69” wide finish drag that Bruce will be pulling behind his ATV.
  • Blue groomer at Tyler’s needs to be picked
  • Poles available $300, vote approved
  • Woody's bill - $406 for studs,
  • We approved $500 for studs on blue sled.
  • Storm coming, hopefully trails reopening!
  • Sledders are not approved to take gas pipeline to Rt. 100!