Moonlite Sno-Skimmers is one of Maine's oldest continuously running snowmobile clubs dating back to 1973. We maintain over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Cumberland and North Yarmouth with the help of our members and volunteers providing local snowmobile riders a safe trail system. New members are always welcome. Find us on FaceBook at: 


6 members in attendance

Treasury - Updated balance is $16,337.34, $521 deposits. $1,361 in expenses, holiday gift cards were appreciated by NY Town Office and Cumberland Food Pantry to help those in need. $208.50 to settle up with MSA for Super Raffle tickets, etc.

Shawn owe'd Terri $4 for 2 MSA Super Raffle Tickets.

Bill and Terri attended the big drawing and dinner in Augusta Tuesday night with the Falmouth. We ended up in 3rd place for ticket proceeds this year! $4,093 was the Fryeburg club’s dollar total this year. $1,658 was second place club’s total. We provided MSA $1,411.50 this year for their ticket proceeds and the club made $1,243.50 (minus tee shirts, etc. for Fair). Not too bad! Central Aroostook won the pot of gold. We sold one of the $500 Cabela’s card!

Shawn bought two battery trickle chargers for $63.28 total, will get another (NAPA only had 2) at some point.

Due to lack of a Trail Master, Steve signed off on Trail Grant as VP (we really need someone to fill this spot). Shawn will mail grant into MSA before EOY for the first part of receiving our $5,400 grant. The second part is proving our expenditures, which is why we fill out the worksheets, grooming and administrative time sheets, that is due end of April.

Royal River Club owes us $132.30 for the 1/3rd of the appetizers from the Christmas party.


Range Road re-route is completed, thanks goes out to Tyler, Bill, Ken and John (from Falmouth club). Need to make sure we go "sign to sign" and be respectful of Guyot and Jensen property.

Trail work on the "Snake Trail" with Falmouth club on Thursday, 12/20 from 10-2pm, need some pallets, cutters, decking material, etc. Lots of water holes, but this is the main trail for anyone in Center Cumberland to get out, given Oceanview/Cumberland Crossing is on hold awaiting the Town to get bridging and trail cut. (Could be a while.)

No date set for Dan/Sheebeo to reset the two Blanchard Road powerline bridges and place the mat bridge over a trench.

Signs are pretty much all out, Bill needs to do Route 9 near his house.

Membership - Mike provided an update to memberships mailed in (has anyone got their latest Maine Snowmobiler newspaper yet?), fees collected and mailed to MSA (we keep $18 of family memberships, MSA gets $15, we keep $23 of business memberships, MSA gets $20, we don't pass on any donations to MSA) and do we have any outstanding business or family memberships we should chase down or mail to?

To date we have 13 business memberships, 2 associate and 20 family memberships for a total of 35 for the year. We may have been at 42 last year. So, going well so far.

Shawn dropped off membership form to J Bros last week.

We received a new membership last week from the Strange family and $100 donation from the NE Mountain Bike Association, $25 donation from Rod Vogul (he is a mountain biker) who Shawn met at the recent Town Meeting and M&N/Laura Bailey sent in their business membership.

Shawn dropped off some membership forms and maps and an updated officer sheet to the Cumberland Town Hall bulletin board.


After the holidays wind down, Mike E. Will check out rebuilding the website. (Right now its a picture of a house plant.)

Terri got Alan Dougas his gift certificate Tuesday night for working on our Mogul Master groomer so we could sell it. Thank you!

Hoping this heavy rain doesn’t kill the snow base up north.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for all your support in 2018.

Next meeting is January 2nd, 2019 at 7pm, at Val Halla.