Blue Flower


1/16 ToddyBrook
Minutes from last meeting approved.
10 members in attendance including Jimbo & Sheebo :)

Big storm coming.
New sled fit in the shed.
How where to deploy/position the groomer sleds? 4-5 weeks season
2 sleds in clubhouse 
Drags are good.
Maybe keep 1 sled/drag at Bill’s?
1 at Joes, 1 at Bills, 2 at clubhouse
Tyler will register new sled as groomer! “In process”.
Oceanview trail still delayed... 7am-7pm
Sheebo looking to sched the bridge installs for Piscataqua.
Me dot salvage may have steel beams. Blanchard rd to Rt 100.
Ken n shawn walked snake trail.
Maybe need to take chainsaw to clear blowdowns.
JBros trail is gettn sledder traffic thru new house/homeowners across road. Sledder came back and apologized to homeowner and helped resign the trail. Facebook is being read - 2,300 views!?
May need to use caution tape to help redirect.
Sheebo workn on Yarm trail system and makn connection with trail grant guy.
Trail from Raven farm power to Bills would be great! Someday.
Issues concerns...
Trail grant, for 50’ bridge?
Memberships at 40 ytd.
We should stud the newer blue sled to help with cooling, Ryan, Kev?
Trailer pins, we need some for each groomer...!
Meeting adjourned.