Moonlite Sno-Skimmers is one of Maine's oldest continuously running snowmobile clubs dating back to 1973. We maintain over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Cumberland and North Yarmouth with the help of our members and volunteers providing local snowmobile riders a safe trail system. New members are always welcome.

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Location: Toddy Brook

Members in attendance: 14

  • 3 pole bridge work this Saturday
  • Need some blocking between the poles to keep them straight
  • 9:00am start
  • Excavator at 10:00am
  • Need to level it out
  • Need to shim/block the center pole and build ramps
  • Sled material 6”x6”, 2”x6”, etc. needs to get down to the bridge
  • May need impact driver for putting in lag screws
  • Chainsaw, prybar, etc...
  • BillB got material from Board Barn, for 6”x6” and railroad ties
  • Joe says we should redo the “wear strips” on the new bridges to have 45 degree or more, so that drag doesn’t catch
  • KenT mentioned waterhole at bottom of Blueberry Hill
  • Need some sign “backers” 12”x12”
  • May need another pipe drag or “panner”?
  • KevinG will forward weblink for “drag guy” in Chelsea, he builds various sizes...
  • Club officers/directors, Mark Bradeen for Dan Shehan.
  • Trail master needs name - ShaunB has stepped up - Thank you!
  • New trail(?) reopen older one to cross Rt9, ShawnM applied to CMP for Powerline from Harris Rd to Rt 9
  • ShaunB messaged Falm club about new 3-pole bridge opening. Lets have a grand opening cookout! Date TBD
  • New memberships 1 business, Rachel’s, 1 family ~40 members total
  • Treasury
    • Current bal - $9,346
    • Some exp for tools at Harbor freight and materials at Board Barn
    • Outstanding check for poles, Bruce in contact
    • No Yarm Variety needs some gas reimbursements
  • MikeE mentioned that meeting attendance is commendable
  • Buy some reflective stickers for sleds & drags!
  • 500 Snowmo reflective stickers approved ~$400 ordered from KevinG
  • $250 approved for metal trail signs, “These trails maintained by Moonlite Sno-Skimmers”
  • Bruce mentioned some nice heavy pallets, but they can hang up a drag - they need to be better buried by snow/mud/etc.
  • Meeting adjourned