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Cumberland – North Yarmouth Moonlite Sno-Skimmers

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It is time once again to renew our memberships for the snowmobile club.  You need to renew by November to receive the Maine Snowmobiler newspaper from the beginning edition (published monthly starting in November), but we accept memberships at any time during the year.  Please print this form and mail a check to the address below:


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Membership Invitation 2016-2017 Season

Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Snowmobile Club

PO Box 383 

Cumberland, ME  04021 


Name___________________________Date of Birth _______________

Beneficiary Name____________________________

Mailing Address_________________________________


e-mail address:  ___________________________    


The (1) person listed as the primary MSA member is covered by a $3500 Death/Dismemberment policy through AmericanIncome Life Insurance Company. ELIGIBLE DEPENDENTS are also covered at no additional charge but must be listed on the member’s card (list on line below). An eligible dependent is a member’s spouse or a member’s dependent unmarried child. The eligible child may be biological, step, foster or adopted





Membership Dues                                                           $________

Donation                                                                         $________             

Total Enclosed                                                                $________           


                Please make checks payable to:  Moonlite Sno-Skimmers


Associate Membership         $10.00 (for those already a member of another club and wish to also join our club)
Junior Membership               $20.00 (for students under 18 and requires 4 hours volunteer work within same season)
Family Membership              $33.00 (for all those family members living in the same dwelling)

Business Membership           $43.00  (Entry in The Maine Snowmobiler monthly publication and listed on our website, along with trail signage)


Membership becomes effective upon payment.

Lets think snow!!!